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La Cattedrale - Punti d'interesse vicino Gran Maestro Bed & Breakfast
Chiesa di San Domenico - vicino Gran Maestro Bed & Breakfast Mondello - vicino Gran Maestro Bed & Breakfast
Teatro Massimo - Punti d'interesse vicino Gran Maestro Bed & Breakfast

The strategic position of Gran Maestro Bed & Breakfast in the heart of the old town makes it the ideal place where to spend a cultural and artistic holiday, in fact, most of Palermo’s monuments, ancient buildings and museums are very close to it and they are easily reachable on foot.
The ancient churches of San Domenico, Santa Maria in Valverde, Santa Maria La Nuova, the Museum of “Risorgimento Vittorio Emanuele Orlando” and the old market of “Vucciria” are only a few minutes far from the B&B. Furthermore, Corso Vittorio Emanuele (also known as "Cassaro"), where every year on 14th July takes place the traditional parade of Saint Rosalia (the Saint Patron of Palermo), is just a few minutes walk.
Important Arabic and Norman monuments and buildings, like “Palazzo dei Normanni”, “Cappella Palatina” and the Cathedral, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2015, raise up in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the main and the most ancient street of the old town centre. Tourists can also enjoy the wonderful Baroque path thanks to “Santissimo Salvatore” and “San Giuseppe dei Teatini” ’s Churches, built along the “Cassaro”.
The area is full of restaurants and shops. In every time of the year, the municipality organizes cultural and social activities and every kind of events. The nightlife is very good thanks to the presence of pubs, clubs and theatres.
Eventually the area, provided with public means of transportation like busses and taxis, is well linked to every part of the city.

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